Most business owners are now already utilising the internet as a tool to get more sales to their business. However, most of them are just posting promotions on social media, or asking people to buy their product day after day. Is this really the best way to get sales online? And honestly, it just makes you and the viewers BOTH annoyed and frustrated…

The obvious problem is this: Businesses fail to understand that the internet is a tool to build relationships. .

Let me explain, When you meet someone that you really like for the first time in real life, you won’t straight up ask them to marry you right? THAT’S CRAZY! (You might be thinking to yourself).

However, didn’t you realise that that’s what most businesses are doing on the internet? They keep ask their followers or audience to buy this and that and giving out endless amount of discounts and HOPE to get more purchases or leads but fail to build the trust and the connection first. That is why EVERY business need a plan to build a relationship that turns stone cold viewers into loyal brand customers. And the great thing about the plan that I’m going to show you is, IT’S VERY SIMPLE!

If you know how to get yourself a date in the real world, you’ll definitely can understand this concept easily. But if you don’t, don’t worry! it’s not rocket science, it’s just a simple process that you can follow to create a marketing plan that is perfect for your business!

*P.S. We are also using this technique to help our clients to create their marketing plan and executing it for them.*

Here’s the process;

1. Pre-Sales

Before you ask a person out on a date, your first goal is usually to get their number first right? It’s the same thing here!

You have to first introduce your brand to your target audience and find a way to ask for a small commitment like subscription or leads first before you ask them to buy something for you. Human beings loves familiarities.

Ask yourself, if there’s 2 brands of laptop with the same price, design and specs, which will you buy? The familiar one? Or the one you’ve never seen before?

Obviously, most people would choose the brand that they are familiar with.

That is why you should introduce your brand, engage with them, and then ask for their contact information first, before you ask them out for the sales.

2. During Sales

Now that you got the person’s number, it’s time that you ask her out on a date! You can’t always be in the introductory phase, you need to ask for the action.

Businesses that are too aggresive will fail, but similarly, businesses that are not aggresive enough will never succeed too! So, we should strive to never be at both the ends of the spectrum.

After you got their contact information from an event or a lead magnet, you should now convert them into a buying customer (asking for a date) or the relationship you built will get cold.

You won’t ask someone to marry you after just gotten their number right? The first date is like the first step to marriage, that is why you should be offering them something cheap at the first date. If you don’t have something cheap, ask for their time instead, like a webinar or a meeting.

Right after their purchase or sign up, you should also do some activities that can make them excited about their recent purchase or sign ups. This is because human beings often buy from their emotions, and then justify it with rationality.

So making them excited about it sets you up perfectly if you want to move on to the next phase of the plan.

3. After Sales

For most business owners, the marketing plan ends when they get their first sales. But to a skilled marketer, the real action starts after the first sale is made.

Remember your goal is to get married, not give up after the first date! This is time when you should start asking for the core offer if you haven’t already or another product or service that they need (upsell/ upserve).

Assuming that their experience up until now is good. This is also the best time for you to ask for a review or testimonial from your customers. If you’ve executed this perfectly, you can now turn your customers into your promoters as well by integrating a referral program to help your business get more saales!

What’s Next?

We have created a guide that is based on what you have learned in this blog as a e-book.

The e-book contains very detailed templates, examples, lists, and also a proven list of activities you can use for your business for each step of the process. If you are interested in getting it for FREE, sign up on the form below and we will send the guide to you.